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“Hi Bethea,

Thank you for your weekly input!! Arc Angel Michael has always been a big part of my life, I don’t really need a medallion to bring him in. However I do like medallions so I bought it; I was just starting to think as to Why? and a friend of mine who doesn’t live close by contacted me and without mentioning the medallion to her she mentioned that ever since I told her about Arc Angel Michael her and her friends call on him when needed, she is going through some troubling times so instantly the Medallion came to mind; she loves it. So I’m hoping some good will come”


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” I love my constellation pendant and have worn it several times”

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“I received my guide from Wendy Carol and the gold necklace today and sat down eagerly to read the report….I must say it was terrific! It was extremely accurate and having psychic gifts as well, I was very impressed and it was very interesting how to see how someone who didn t know me, perceived me”

-Inner Light

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” The miraculous Our Lady of Lourdes has always granted my wishes in Life.”


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“Dearest Bethea –

You won’t believe this but the same day I recieved my medallion I also recieved a phone call from a business that I had been trying to contact for a job for sometime. Not only did I land the job but I was also promoted after 5 weeks on the job and finally I am able to pay all my bills on time. As my internal fears all fade away. Thank You very very much for the kindness and neverending support,

With love

Ronald J”

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“Thank you Bethea, I wrote you a long letter and the button wouldn’t accept it, so for now I’ll say thank you again. The Archangel Michael Medallian is incredibly beautifl and I wear it every day along with the 9 stones and my talisman. I let you know if my wish comes true.”


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“I had a blessing of $2000 on october 16,2007 i was down to my last sixty dollars Bethea”


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“You have sent me A LOT of emails on amulets, charms, talismans, but your Archangel Michael medallion just jumped out of the screen at me. Isnt that weird…? Love and gratitude, Susan”

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“I ordered the Universal Protector because I was at odds with an X-son-in law over shared custody of my 7 year old granddaughter.  The moment I odered this item I felt a relief and within a day My son-in-law agreed on a continuing, 50% shared custody with me.  Although I beleive God has always had a hand in my life, the Universal Protector gives me a feeling of strength and beauty.  I haven’t taken it off.  The compliments on my neclace are non-stop.  I JUST LOVE IT!

Thanks so much, Carol”

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“Dear Bethea,

Thank you so much for the Universal Protector Manual. I received it yesterday. Now I can get into my lesson. Take care, Bless you.

Fondest regards,


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