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“Dear Bethea,

You are an inspiration to me. I do hope that you are right with what you say, so far, despite my hectic schedule and more responsibilities at work, it seems that I am enjoying it more and happy taking care of my patients. I hope that the joy of my life is finally coming through. Thank you for your guidance.



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“Hi Bethea,

I got your package. I read the oracle reading and my jaw dropped because of the “coincidences”. This morning I set down and wrote a poem. First time in my life, ever. I was crying, I was so moved.Then the mailman came and gave me the package, you sent me. And this is what I read: “You may be surprised at how inspired you feel at the moment and may discover an artistic talent or interest that you never knew existed.” Exactly.

love Edith”

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“Just wanted to thank you ladys for my weekly reading, you do a wonderful job and I am very greatful to you both! Yours Truely Joed”

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“Dearest Bethea –

You won’t believe this but the same day I recieved my medallion I also recieved a phone call from a business that I had been trying to contact for a job for sometime. Not only did I land the job but I was also promoted after 5 weeks on the job and finally I am able to pay all my bills on time. As my internal fears all fade away. Thank You very very much for the kindness and neverending support,

With love

Ronald J”

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“Bethea, Thank you so very much for this weeks commentary. Having gone through a separation with me girlfriend this past week and then seeing her in the arms of another guy, I have been very hurt and angry. My bitterness and resentment has been terrible and taxing. Your commentary of “blessing the event/person” in this situation has greatly helped me to start the healing process and letting go. So, I want you to know how much appreciated was this coming weeks story and thank you again.”


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“Dear┬áBethea, Just a short note to thank yourself. I have just received “Mystical Secrets for Wealth, Health and Happiness”. I am really enjoying reading the book, I can barely put it down”


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“I had a blessing of $2000 on october 16,2007 i was down to my last sixty dollars Bethea”


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