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“Bethea, Thank you so very much for this weeks commentary. Having gone through a separation with me girlfriend this past week and then seeing her in the arms of another guy, I have been very hurt and angry. My bitterness and resentment has been terrible and taxing. Your commentary of “blessing the event/person” in this situation has greatly helped me to start the healing process and letting go. So, I want you to know how much appreciated was this coming weeks story and thank you again.”


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“I ordered the Universal Protector because I was at odds with an X-son-in law over shared custody of my 7 year old granddaughter.  The moment I odered this item I felt a relief and within a day My son-in-law agreed on a continuing, 50% shared custody with me.  Although I beleive God has always had a hand in my life, the Universal Protector gives me a feeling of strength and beauty.  I haven’t taken it off.  The compliments on my neclace are non-stop.  I JUST LOVE IT!

Thanks so much, Carol”

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